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“The eight years of my musical development spent with Toni Stanick represents to me not only growth in music but in my character as well. It was a crucial turning point in my life and Toni helped me every step of the way. Lessons, masterclasses, recitals and competitions were all part of building my personality outside of the practice room. It was tough at the time, but it did nothing less than prepare me for the even tougher music world out there. I will always remember the hours spent with Toni and the musical and technical aspects of violin she shared with me.”
Melody Lee, BMus, Artist Diploma, Colburn School of Music


Playing the violin

should feel joyful natural and comfortable.I encourage the study of violin at an early age to develop fine muscle movement and hand-to-eye-to-ear coordination for performing with ease and confidence. Mastery of the violin is a long journey and every aspect of musicianship needs to be carefully nurtured and encouraged.

In the early stages

learning to play with resonance and ease will be the basis of all technique. When this ease of playing is achieved at a young age, the student can master the wonderful, powerful and immense repertoire for the violin.

Early childhood study

will  develop neural pathways, increase memory and comprehenssion, encourage good study habits and build confidence.

The  basic skills for playing the violin

can be developed at  any stage of life, indeed, everyone can experience the joy of music and the amazing feeling of achievemnet when they perform music beautifully.

I encourage everyone at any age

to pick up an instrument and make music, to play in an orchestra, chamber ensemble, jazz band or celtic fiddle group and make music with others is a unique and exhilerating experience that reaches across all cultural bounds, creates understanding, builds  friendships and brings beauty to those around us.

Personal one-on-one lessons

tailored for each individual. Every person has their own unique way of seeing the world, I customise all

lessons to every student to make the learning experience personal and meaningful, and exciting, while

ensuring correct methodology for all techniques and musical styles.


Performance Opportunites

for developing students are essential to becoming a confident and successful performer.

I create opprtunities through masterclasses, public recitals, gala concerts, showcase events,

festivals, competitions and through Musical Societies in the Greater Vancouver area.


Early Childhood       Age  3  to  6

Junior                     Age  7 to  10

Intermediate           Age 11 to  15

Senior                     Age 16  to 19 

Professional Development mentoring for young professionals and for teachers wishing to upgrade their skills 

Through private instruction, masterclasses and recitals, students will learn all violin and viola techniques, musical styles, repertoire, memory training and performance skills. I encourage all of my students to join in chamber ensembles and orchestras to enhance and enrich their musical experience.

At an advanced level students will learn to achieve long term goals such as audition preparation and competition training, and the mental and physical stamina to required perform solo recitals and concertos with orchestra.

Please contact me to discuss your  musical aspirations and to set up our first lesson.

I look forward to meeting with you!